Vääna manor

Restoration and development of Vääna manor


There is a historical manor located in Harku parish, Vääna village, which nowadays operates as a manor school. The latter includes elementary level of six classes (approximately 90 students) and two nursery groups (30 children).


The manor has been opened intermittently since the year 1920 and it belongs under state protection as an architectural monument (registry no 2709). Vääna manor together with the park surrounding it and the nearby edifices holds a special value due to its interesting cultural background and artistic heritage originating from distinct eras. For this reason, the Manor has a broad significance to the entire Estonian cultural history.


As part of this project, the valuable architectural heritage will be restored, preserved and accentuated by carrying out only essential and discrete changes while aiming for improvements that maximally meet the needs of the elementary school and the nursery. Based on the artistic importance of Vääna manor, certain rooms will be made usable for holding cultural events without interrupting the school work.


Consequently, the objective of the project is to provide public access to, and to maintain and preserve for our next generations the historically valuable cultural heritage – Vääna manor. As a result of the project, the appreciation and use of this heritage will strengthen local community. Similarly, the project would create a foundation for and enhance consistent and sustainable cooperation both on the domestic and international arena. Vääna manor has all the prerequisites to function as a center for the villages of the region, as a cultural and tourism object and as a valuable culture center for Harku parish. At the moment, Vääna manor is primarily an educational institution, however, it can already be considered as a complex which the manor school is part of.


The budget of restoration work is approximately 1,66 million euros, support from EEA grants is 1 million euros and Harku Municipality Government invest 0,66 million euros.


Project started at 01.11.2013 and ended 30.12.2015.